Rebecca Malope is an Inspirational Speaker

Rebecca Malope

Rebecca Malope is an inspirational speaker that bring life and experience to her talks. Beyond the fact that Rebecca did not progress far in her education, she has endure many more challenges such a time in her childhood when she was confined to a wheelchair after an illness with doctors believing she wouldn’t walk again.

Financial hardship affected the whole family with her sister Cynthia even seeking work 400 km form their home.

Her talks inspire listener to look past their present situation and place their faith in God. She believes God was responsible for her path and transformation and conveys this in her powerful, emotional accords to the audience.

She talks about a number of items including her change from a pop vocalists to predominantly Gospel singer. It was the gospel industry that took her to new heights and strengthened her faith and direction.

Filled with gratitude, she bring the audience to realise the power they have to change their lives and make an impact on the world as well.